Nation Athletics

At Nation Athletics you have the ability to train at two facilities under one membership, Branford CrossFit and South Madison CrossFit. Each facility has the same amazing staff as well as 2 different schedules for your convenience. We are not only the premiere CrossFit gyms on the shoreline... We offer many different types of programs for ALL ages, and ALL abilities from professional athletes to grandmas and pre-schoolers. With our unique approach, dedicated and genuine staff, remarkable community, you will not regret walking in to our premium athletic facilities.

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Intro Program

The introductory program at Branford CrossFit is a required 6 or more classes for all of those new to CrossFit or that may need reviewing from a few moths or years off. These classes will cover the foundations (meat and potatoes), fundamentals, core values of our strength and conditioning program and community. 

Safety is our #1 priority here so we will never throw you into regular classes if you are not ready or we feel you are not ready. We are building something here and we need a great foundation. We are trying to hep you be more capable in every situation of your life, not just to get sweaty but to be more functional as a human.

Once you have completed the program which is run by the same coach every session; you will then begin classes. During this transition period your coach will routinely be in communication with you to help you succeed.

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Youth Development Program

The Youth Development Program has been designed with the unique needs of young athletes in mind.  Classes will combine warm up, skill practice, workouts and games that focus on building strength and conditioning. The class will focus on the functional movements, elements of gymnastics, running, jumping rope and more. In our group setting, your child will be engaged in workouts that will be fun and challenging, while preparing them to be well rounded athletes with a lifelong love of fitness.


Tuesday - 530PM (K-4th grade)

Cost: 10 Pack 150$  or Month 40$




Middle & High School Strength & Conditioning 99$+tax


Our middle school program provides a safe environment for middle school students to train, develop, and compete with one another. This program is designed for kids to start understanding their bodies and their physical capabilities as young athletes. The core principles will be technique, coordination, conditioning, and gymnastics along with an introduction to strength training. Our middle school program is a great way for kids to prepare in the off-season, as well as maintain and stay free from injury while in-season. This program is not limited to those involved in organized sports, but for anyone that would like to start a fitness plan. Classes will be run similar to our traditional classes starting with a warm-up/agility session, then strength training/skill building, followed by metabolic condition.

Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 330pm -During School year    

Bus 24 -Middle school
Bus 22 - High School

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Team Sports Training or Team Programming

Time / Date- based off team
Price- varies off number of athletes and length of program

Branford CrossFit has been developing athlete programs for all sports since its inception and well before that. Through years of experience in sports and in training for sport we will lay down the blueprints for any level of athlete. Your team will have the unique ability to have their own time slot where only they can train inside BCF’s facility. They will be under the microscope of BCF’s certified coaches who were athletes themselves and understand what it takes. Our main focuses are working to improve fundamentals, increase power / speed, build camaraderie and leadership